Happy Holidays!

Okay... trying this again.  It's going to stop right after you hit play, press play again after.

pleased to be sharing- my neighbors puppy enjoying the rained on snow slush.



Yes! Public? I KNOW!

anywho it has finally been decided on. My sister and her fiance have set a date and place for their wedding: June 28th 2009!

just thought I'd publicize that for some reason.

Happy Turkey Day!

Why yes... I do have a few new Icons...

Reading a fluffy manga with angel chars... i do like the way the artist chibi's one of the chars so now he is this months main icon here. If only I too could wear birds on my head.... without being pooed on.

So finally I have a writing update. woo... 360! and I finally broke from that stupid slump I was in... though I don't have much else to say except THE  MAIN MAIN CHAR  HAS FINALLY BEEN INTRODUCED... you know... the one the book is named after *gasp* about time right?

aside from that my birthday has come and gone and..... can we pretend brithdays dont exist anymore? People make such big deals about the day and its like... dude... nothing happened.. ALL day... I didn't even get to go out for ice cream... no one was home and it kinda sucks to go by yourself. I did get a pair of owl pj's.... its possible I already mentioned that though.... yeah I probably did so thats all I have to say for now...

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Give the boy a hand...

I think Im going to go on a short hiatus. I'm just... tired...
not of my story mind you, its gotten very close to the end so I need a break to think over the climax events that will be taking place....

but the tired... I don't know the cause... discontent... or an actual lack of sleep... I don't know.

on mental hiatus. 
Till next time...

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so you found an alien dog... what will you do next? -DISCO DANCE!-

Last night we watched CJ7... of course my parents refused to watch to subtitled so we watched it english dubbed. Now it is driving me crazy to find who did Ti's (chow?) voice. The voice actors aren't casted ANYWHERE!! I searched the web all night but found nothing. It sounded so familiar but I can't put my finger on who. 
Also been watching Dexter lately. Finished the first season in two days. It's kinda funny how knowing one key point of the season kinda ruins everything fo you. That or everything was just too obvious to begin with but still. It's an ok show so far, going to see if season two holds more surprises. They use the F word a little too frequently too,... but thats a scripting issue.

in other news: Ill probably get to page 270 today. would have the other day but I had to go back and rewrite two pages because i broke two consistancy rules.
you do that once, maybe twice to throws off  the whole dialogue and ruins the scene.

there is a creepy squirrel sitting on the branch outside my window... it's staring at me, little beady eyes glinting in the sunlight... *shudders*

aside from that Visited my gran upstate this weekend....  went to a county fair, first one like this. It was okay. I won a baby tree (white spruce), planted it last night... hopefully the cats wont eat it... or pee on it...

that's it from me. Need to get some writing done...
and... food shop,.... again.
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wow... for once the quick play didn't turn on O_O...

my computer is touch sensative...theres this bar at the top of the keyboard that lets you |<<, >>|, >|| and stop plus adjust the volume. I run even a paper towel across it, it sets off my dvd player... it's utterly annoying when you want to dust the screen or accidently drop something on it .


the other day I went to the library to find out how to copywrite my story... they had no idea, so I rented a book... a bit dated by 10 years but it copywriting process' shouldn't have changed that much... right? They did find me a book for 2009 listing publishing companies... I have about 16 that sounded some what promising. I have to check out their web sites and then go find that book again.
I learned a lesson about our local library... never go around 5pm... seminars end and the parking lot is a scary nightmare O_O (you know like those reading seminars, or little kid story time, or like an instructional class i guess?) You cannot leave or get in... the honking... and yelling... "OoO"

in actual book news... IVE REACHED 260!... and ever closer to the end... sadness... im still having issues figuring a plot for book two... too many ideas and cliche over done events you can find in any book. *shakes head* i would like to break the cycle. War... no war? *shrugs*

I hope to get more writing done this weekend...and hope not to finish it juuuust yet... but I'm also going away this weekend so... you never know.
mmmm dunno what else to say. Hopefully maybe Ill finally sketch out the main char.. its bothering me I havn't yet... oh well.

been thinking bout the month of october lately too....but thats another story...

much on my mind... its past 1am ^_^ and i feel like writing a little more.
Away I go.
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