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Today... was actually a good day- Ben Ten edition

Wow O_O... I mean... wow... I can actually claim that today was officially a GOOD day. Can you believe it??
minor blood sugar headache aside... nothing went wrong and no one screamed at me today for the first time in months!!! O_O

And well... I'm thanking the creators of Ben Ten for this one. Due cable issues and work making me forget what day it is and what is on tv I don't get to watch the cartoon all that much but I have managed to catch a few episodes. I never realised that it was such a hugely popular show either but it has its quirks and entertainment value so I can see why its doing so well with the audience it has.

so back to work. I tried not to think about it this morning, read a chapter of my book (a rant may come later... WHY MUST ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS DIE IN EVERYTHING?!), made lunch and left late because well... it was snowing.. whoda thunk it? (was watching the weather channel all morning and they said that it would only snow 2inch at most and only on the east end- I live on an island btw- yet there was a heavy frost on my car and just as I got close to the office which is not far out in the east, the snow just FELL) Made it just on time and luckily things were running a bit late inside so I was able to get my coffee machine duties out of the way before patrons flooded our halls and took up all the seats (i need a chair to stand on to reach the thing- thus getting me many a short joke)

Morning went pretty quickly which was nice and well... i'm not sure what time it was but I noticed a small boy watching my counter from the waiting room. At first it was from the crack in the door where it hinges to the wall then from the door way itself. I finished dealing with a customer and the next thing I know... there's a Ben Tenison action figure on my counter, riding up and down the side. It then disapeared and I just blinked, with a dumbfounded expression- I'm sure. I didn't have to wait long before Ben returned, riding up and down the length of my counter on a skate board but then he stopped and waved to me twice before disapearing again. I let Jackie (the girl/ woman who answers the phones)know and she laughed, loving the childs wonderful antics. Then... the aliens came. I was so afraid I'd get in trouble but... I seriously had to buy into it and play along... I couldn't resist and really wish now I was able to do more. Each time the kid would bring out one of Ben's alien forms, he would make it do something at my counter and holding back my laughter I reacted as best I could. "Oh no It's an alien invasion!" I'd cry getting stares from my superiors who had probably thought I'd lost it, and for a good,... oh half hour maybe, he played the part of the aliens and I along with Jackie reacted as best we could without getting in trouble. I tried soooo hard to remember the aliens names but failed miserably and sadly our fun had to come to an end and the aliens went back into the omnitrix (ie: a plastic ziplock bag) and his father came to pay the bill letting me know his son was not the one to let the alien's loose.

just thinking about it still makes me smile. So I thank the child, his father and the creators of Ben Ten for making my day and the beggining to my new year GREAT... not to mention when I got home my parents took me out to dinner... for once the place we went to didn't mess up my order, the food was actually good, and the ice cream place around the corner from my house had good ice cream, not chunky which their soft serve usually is... and soft serve should never be chunky O_O

That's all I have to say for now. I'm gonna shower, read another chapter of the book I'm reading, watch a movie then spend the rest of the weekend Re-writing chapter 6 of my novel. I decided to give the main characters home more depth by giving more of his peers names, characteristics and personalities as well as his parents more intimate details (like that they are thinking and such)

So until next time

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