Neeko Rae (neeko_rae) wrote,
Neeko Rae

Try not to get blinded... by the rambling

we're having a garage sale this weekend (suddenly) so my mum started cleaning out alot of old furnature and i found a bag with this little usb mouse, its no bigger than my cell phone and well... I love this thing. It doesn't make annoying noises like my wireless mouse does and i can take it anywhere, just gotta be carefull that I don't get blinded by the red light.

aside from that, this has been a curious but interesting few days. Saturday I found a run away dog and chased it around the neighborhood without shoes on cause I just couldn't let it go (curse me not owning a pet, no leash to hold it on and once it got loose boy did he run)

finally finished ch 72 *relieved* FINALLY!! and 73... ended up needing work ugh... still about three pages though.

and saturday we had a writers meeting and got no writing done. We conspired that one of the absent members might be an alien then went out to see star trek... i never imagined how lovable some of the characters could be (namely scotty, bones, sulu, checkov and gee even spock) it was pretty good, slow at first but it got me toward the end. Anyway, at the meetings we usually sit at the cafe but they hate it when we're there so when we can we sneak into the private meeting room, usually thats okay but this week we got yelled at 5 times because they were afraid we would move things.... why you ask? Because there was a planned book signing for this evening. Never had i heard of the author or his book but apparently he is new "big thing". Eventually we got sick of getting permission and then getting yelled at as shifts changed and new staff members were not informed of our pressence so we got up and moved, ending up at the entrance where everyone talked and I looked over the display of books for this writer.

well this evening, all because of a picture of the author, i went to the signing. Originally i just wanted to listening in on his talk (which was more of a QA session) but my sister asked me to get her the book so I decided to get it signed. Me and the girl behind me were possibly the only girls there... not to mention nearly the oldest of the lot (discounting adults getting it for their kids who couldn't be there) She was very nice... it was just awkward because of the age difference. blast >_<

anyway.... RICK RIORDAN... very cool guy. I wish him the best of luck with his family, his future continuation of the Percy series and the filming of the movies based off his series. *thumbs up*

gee my first book signing... someday I wish to see that kind of reception for my series... but gotta finish it first.... *aherm* after... this show is over.
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