Neeko Rae (neeko_rae) wrote,
Neeko Rae

Just a little anecdote...

why does that look weird... *shrugs*

anyway... just thought I'd share a little happening from today... With *gasp* everyone.

At work there are two barn cats: Ricco and Suave... granted I don't know which cat is which so I just call the black and white one Suave and asume the other one is Ricco (brownish grey with black stripes) Usually these cats will have nothing to do with you unless you are hanging around the barn or have food unless of course you are their master (my boss' wife) Ricco is the hunter... I rarely see this cat around because he's off in the bushes somewhere hunting (i have seen the spoils of his victories...eww) and Suave is the one who follows the master around... for example We were raking the yard and there he was, following her every step untill the neighbor hood kids came around and scared him away. (for a while we didn't even know where he was because he was hunkered down in the bushes but he let us know he was around by meowing) heh... which reminds me of this one time I was walking the yard to get to my car after the sun had set and i heard the bushes rustle and he pounced at me...
but I digress...

I guess because I've been helping his master with yard work lately he's taken a liking to me. Wednesday he was waiting in the grass where I usually park my car and approached right away so i would pet him, then Ricco pushed him away (and i think it was feeding time because they both ran to the barn) and today He was in the same spot and did the same thing. i pet him for a few minutes and walked away so i could get to work and he followed me... into the shop... and he probably would have followed me upstairs but he's afraid of stairs, so he sat there until I led him outside and then he just sat outside the door. I felt bad so i let him inside again and showed him to the back door to see if he preferred that... and well in long and short of things he went back to the barn for food.

sorry for the cruddy camera phone pics... he also doesn't seem to like being photographed

meow =^-^= It's nice to pet fuzzy things
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